Kathleen M. Tilley
Massage & Lymphedema Therapy

Breast Massage Classes

The ability to prevent breast disease has always been within our reach - within our own hands.  Let's turn the tide on breast disease with breast care!

We will meet once a week for four consecutive 90 minute classes.  In this four-part class you will learn:

  • Basic anatomy and function of your breasts and lymph system.
  • The IMPORTANCE of lymphatic function in breast health.
  • Clearing lymphatic pathways of elimination.
  • Self-massage techniques to flush toxins and impurities from your breast tissue.
  • Application of herb-infused topicals to further promote lymph drainage.   
  • Herbal teas as tonics! 

Each week we will review the BM4BH cleansing protocol of lymph stimulation, clearing pathways of elimination, breast tissue massage, application of herb-infused oils, salves & creams (a different one each week), and sample a variety of herb stimulating teas to further promote cleaner, healthier breasts.  

Additional topics discussed:

  • Underarm deodorants.  
  • Bras:  The right fit! 
  • Eating Right for Your Blood Type.  
  • Breast Thermography.

Cost:  $125.00. Teens are always welcome and free of charge when they attend with Mom! 

Call for current class schedule.